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About Us

The Sustainable Systems Research Group’s mission is to help solve the world’s most critical, multifaceted resource management challenges. These are our core objectives:

  • Maintain a Comprehensive Scope of Research: We focus on engaging in research spanning technical, policy, and economic disciplines.
  • Develop Real Solutions: Although it has become the academic mantra to know “everything about nothing”, we recognize that depth isn’t enough. To solve the complex issues facing our global society, we must begin reaching across the table and working together to develop cross-cutting solutions for our most difficult problems.
  • Facilitate Effective Communication: We aim to break down the barriers between engineers, scientists, communicators, and policymakers through rigorous technical analysis, so that innovative ideas and game changing research can be disseminated in forms that are interesting and digestible to the masses.

Preserving the world’s resources and delicate ecosystems is a complex task and the stakes are high. If we get it right – it will be the key to sustaining the developed world, liberating the developing world, and preserving the planet for generations to come. This is our challenge.

If you are a current USC student or prospective PhD student that is interested in joining the group, please fill out the form here.