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Publications and Media

Our mission is to perform rigorous engineering analysis on the world’s most critical resource management challenges. Part of that mission is disseminating what we learn to the world. Here you will find up-to-date links to our recent publications. If you have any trouble downloading a particular paper, please email Dr. Sanders at

Water heating represents nearly 4% of US annual primary energy consumption. Nearly half of the energy consumed for water heating is lost as waste heat. How can we do better? Read more here.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas represents over 40% of Texas’ annual water withdrawals and 4% of its annual water consumption. Until now, very little data were available on how Texas power plants use water throughout the year. This analysis adds this element of temporal resolution and asks the question, “What happens if power plants paid more for water?”  Read the full paper here.

A recent analysis concluded that the US consumes nearly 13% of its total annual primary energy consumption on direct water and steam services. That is 25% more energy than is used for lighting in the Residential and Commercial sectors making the water sector an important opportunity for energy conservation. Read the full paper here.