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Emil McClean

Undergraduate Research Assistant (Spring 2018 – Present) 

Hometown: Newberg, Oregon

Emil was born in the rural town of Newberg, Oregon and attended the small local schools. He completed a short exchange with the sister city of Osaka, Japan and a long-term exchange in South Korea at a private high school. After graduating early, Emil attended the American University of Paris through a USC program. He transferred to USC in the fall of 2017 and is currently enrolled as a physics major and math minor at Dornsife. Emil has participated in many volunteering and charity clubs and events. Outside of school, he enjoys making music and traveling.

Research Interests

Emil is currently working on analyzing environmental data in the context of characterizing impacts from power plant cooling systems. He is working to identify hotspots of thermal pollution and quantify the electricity generators impacted from rising water temperatures. He also has interests in creating more efficient and effective renewable energy systems.

Awards and Honors

  • USC WiSE Research Fellow (Fall 2018)

  • Provost’s List at AUP, fall and spring semester, for a noteworthy GPA


  • Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Math Minor (2017 – Present)

Career Goals

After graduating from USC, Emil plans on receiving a PhD in physics and working as a research scientist in the field of quantum physics. He hopes to help the progression of science in a way that will strengthen the global community and be accessible and inclusive to all people.